Canteen Meal Management System Solutions for Royal Catering

Canteen Management Solutions for Royal CateringCanteen Management Solutions for Royal Catering

Royal Catering company is among the top leaders in the area of food and hospitality services in the most fascinated events throughout the UAE. It involves them in a giant organization and events. This is why they need a unique canteen management system for their client. They will optimize their transactions and make their services closer to the clients.

Business Requirement:

 Developing a system that can deliver a robust payment system for all Royal Catering Clients.
 A system that can maintain multiply Meal Session-based Meal head Count Management
 The system can work locally and without Network and Internet Availability.
 Developing a system that is a secure and fast process of the transaction of food.
 The payment method with no physical presence.
 Meal records can be sent in a delayed manner to avoid bandwidth problems.

Solution Offered:

 The card level encryption makes the client and the company data very secure
 The headcount are going to be strictly managed digitally.
 Blacklisting, account management, and rolls grants are highly covered with the canteen management
 Meal Coupon printers are also available, they can be printed easily with the meal card swipe.
 A very advanced monitoring system for your entire reports and analytics in order to seek more accurate results for your accounting, finance, and business decision
 Major MMS System project deployment for their Clients with approx. 10K Meal Cards supplied.

Benefits of Meal Card Management System:

1. This system provides complete management for all the catering operations-related tasks.
2. The transactions for food or other services are secure and fast.
3. It holds very competitive costs of transactions.
4. The system is available in a remote management terminal, like that you can use in your different events in a flexible way.
5. You can get a great compilation of National as well as international Meal Card transaction details.

6. Clients can use analytics and reporting to take a decision for your canteen operations & management decisions.
7. It has a great solution to fight against theft and misuse since no manual paperwork is required to record Meal Consumption records.