Canteen Meal Management System Solutions for ADNH Compass

Canteen Management Solutions for ANDHS CompassADNH

ADNH Compass Group is a reputed company specialized in the most privileged fields of hospitality and Catering Operations. They can manage a vast size of projects related to food Supplies, Canteen Operations, tourism, retailing, and cleaning supports too. Due to their giant projects worldwide, they often need steady canteen management solutions. Like that, they can satisfy their clients’ needs when it comes to meals supply. They will even make it easy for their Client’s team to pay and receive the services of the canteen during their work times.

Business Requirements:

  • Providing a reliable environment for their Clients company staff for payment without physical presence and availing comfortable facilities in canteen management.
  • Reduce the burden of maintaining a record in manual ways.
  • Adopt a fast and reliable auto Meal session-based Headcount recording system.
  • Reduce time for waiting in long lines for getting food and payment process.

Solutions Offered:

  • Major MMS System Project deployment for all ADNH offices in Dubai with approx. 5K Meal Cards supply
  • Unlimited amount of meals dedicated to the user, they can choose his favorite meals and timing according to their work shifts
  • Offline Transactions can work without network or internet availability.
  • Meal card quota can be customized by the client any time they want
  • Significantly optimize the interface for different account roles, according to the user roles, he can easily access a preset number of the interface to accomplish his tasks
  • Admin control panel to control the card status activation, and functions granting for your staff.
  • Handy reporting and analytics to manage the meals quota, staff roles, and many other settings for your canteen management system.

Benefits of Meal Card Management System:

  1. Reduce the query time to pay for meals; it is 30 times faster than the traditional way to record and account Meal consumption process .
  2. The system will eliminate the cash fees and additional Transaction costs
  3. It will save a lot of time, and more sales can be done digitally.
  4. The security is a great measure, no more scam or fraud
  5. Massive control management, nothing will be missed in offline transactions
  6. Immense power for the client information, makes the transaction tracking more accessible and more optimized
  7. More hygienic environment, no contact with others due to precautions for COVID-19 pandemic times.
  8. Excellent coordination of payment facilities
  9. Meal Session-based Meal Headcount reports can be generated as and when needed.
  10. ADNH Compass gets quick payments from all clients, as all Meal Consumption reports are the provider to their clients for quick payment approvals.