Canteen Meal Management System for Hilti Emirates

Hilti Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hilti is well known Global Brand for the best quality Tools for the construction Industry. They often work on big and mega-projects that involve a lot of human resources. They have offices all-round the Globe. The big company wants to establish a steady canteen management system to look after their clients and staff’s needs for day-to-day meals offered in their Company Canteen.

Business Requirement:

  • Developing a reliable system for payment in which the transaction service can be available for all countries.
  • One Prepaid card payment will support in Staff Canteens
  • Proper maintenance of a record of data of the company and their clients with secure Meal Cards
  • Web-Based Software application to see all analytical reports for Meal usage in Hilti Staff canteen.
  • The system that can manage the Meal voucher and headcounts Digitally

Solution Offered:

  • Offline Meal Head Count Management system for all Hilti Staff
  • A very complete and almost perfect system for the cyber attacks
  • A high cryptography level for all Meal Cards to avoid frauds and misuse of Meal cards.
  • The timing of the daily meals can be customized according to the client’s needs.
  • Anything can be changed to the needs of the client; nothing is static in the new canteen management system.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly analytics for the meals reports and the payment transaction details too.
  • Major MMS System project deployment for Hilti Emirates offices in Dubai with approx. 3K Meal cards supply.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Management System

  1. You can pay for the meals in less than one second
  2. You get rid of the middleman who makes an end to the corruption and the bad professional habits
  3. The system can be used in the offline mode too for local management of your data
  4. The system can synchronize the new information once it is connected to the internet
  5. A considerable amount of flexibility when it comes to interaction with the database
  6. An ultimate end to spamming and fraud within the canteen management system
  7. A steady interface for admin to customize the functionally of the canteen system