Canteen Meal Card Management Solution for Epicure Catering Services

Epicure catering

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Epicure offers only fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh bread, and healthy drinks such as fresh fruit drinks, dairy and fresh fruit drinks, and guaranteed inclusion of rich Omega 3 fish. Epicure also offers special menus for young people from different races and where young people need to follow a special diet as recommended by a doctor or hospital, working close to a school with parents who can help you. Epicure Catering Co., Ltd. over the years she has worked closely with schools and provided classroom support with healthy eating talks and a sample of food as part of an ongoing learning program run by each school.

Business Requirements:

  1. Providing a reliable environment to company staff and facilitate easy process for payment in canteen for food.
  2. Usage of Smart Cards that can be easily rechargeable
  3. Reduce management work efforts for collecting the date of the company staff’s personal information.
  4. Adopting an auto system for record and maintaining of a whole system of meal in the canteen.
  5. Automatically record the number of meals used in Company staff.

Solutions offered:

  • Companies save their employee’s work effort for maintaining manual records.
  • Record can be automatically updated, no need to consume a lot of time for verification of management of food records.
  • Easy process for staff members to do Digital transaction for getting food services in canteens without having tension for cash handling or to do change management with canteen cashiers.
  • It is a very simple solution for the finance department of the company for maintaining all records of transactions.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution:

  • This system records automatically the consumption of food in company staff Canteens.
  • This system allows limited food to every employee at a specific time in the company canteen.
  • It records automatically in the database file of every employee’s personal information.
  • This system maintains automatically financial records for meals in the canteen.
  • Staff can feel easy for paying their bills using smart card-based Meal management system