Canteen Meal Card Management Solution for Dyn Corp International

Dyn Corp International

Kabul, Afghanistan

A UAE-based company is leading with international services providing company, supplying preparation newly and reliable cost solutions. DynCorp International is supplying experienced aircraft, organize, intellectual, training, and operational solutions Especially to Military and Law enforcement organizations.

 Dyn Corp International had adopted a canteen meal management solution for reducing their stress and time off management of foods in their Army DFAC Canteens in Kabul, Afghanistan

Business Requirements:

  1. To reduce paperwork record of Canteen meal management system
  2. To adopt a way for payment to be done by only Meal Smartcards.
  3. Adopting a new system that can reduce work efforts and save precious time.
  4. Proper record of the company’s employee’s information permanently.
  5. Maintain records that having without any errors in accounting.
  6. Quick process of service in canteen management.
  7. Multiple swipes need to be avoided for Meals Misuse.

Solution Offered:

  • The Canteen management system, provide entire work in the best ways, accurately calculating and without errors manners.
  • It is an effective working method for canteen issues.
  • Use of Meal Smartcard for payment in the canteen of Dyn Corp International Managed Canteens.
  • Automatically check and balance of multiple orders.
  • The company can make a limit of food in the canteen for their employees for a particular time.
  • Administration can make a record of company workers such as Food preparations, meals count per Head and transaction, remaining balance and so on.
  • An Automatically generation of reports of canteen meals, management such as employees, materials wise, usage records.
  • MVMS and its various graphical records and their controls.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management Solution:

  • This system allows only allowing persons that can only avail Meal services.
  • Automatically display of menu according to the time database.
  • It allows employees for limited food; one can get only one food in the assigned time.
  • It manages a record of multiple staff of canteen with their central database.
  • Meal System Can run in remote DFAC locations without Internet availability
  • Offline Data can be in sync with the Backend server as and when required.
  • End-to-end Encryption Security for Data theft and overall system security.
  • Displaying menu and bill with a voucher for meal management in print format.
  • Offline Meal Card Operations does not need the Internet to do Transactions.
  • It gives different options such as company canteen, employee master, Employee meal, Meal types, Department Master, and their reports.
  • This system generates all Meal Consumption reports automatically.