Canteen Meal Management Solutions For Advanced Facilities Management

Canteen Meal Management Solutions For Advanced Facilities Management

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

It is a fact that maintaining all the canteen records manually incurs high costs for any company. There is always a chance for food to be wasted. When a company does not have a proper canteen management solution, nobody knows the required food quantity in advance. Advance Facilities management has developed a cutting-edge solution for managing such staff canteens. Companies without a proper canteen meal management system to manage their staff’s lunch and meals can face a lot of food wastage and mismanagement; the staff canteen was managed manually until recently.

Business Requirements:

  1. To maintain a proper management system of a canteen for standardizes the smartcard based payment system.
  2. Meal voucher management system to access the transparency to record the graphical report and control in canteen meal management.
  3. Maintenance and records updates of the central database without any physical presence in the canteen management system.
  4. The proper management of meal vouchers in the canteen.

Solution offered:

  1. This canteen management system for companies monitors against food wastage by planning the day to day consumption from the information available or collected.
  2. Improvement of canteen management staff performance for counting and record maintenance of staff food and their payment.
  3. Tag& Go Meal head count management for all members in Canteens.
  4. Automatic payment system for maintenance of revenue for canteen meal management.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management Solution

  • The canteen management system will become a strong backend prepaid capture database.
  • It will leave a remarkable feature of the Canteen meal management system that can work online or offline without any network infrastructure.
  • It can store a huge number of meal records, even in offline mode.
  • A canteen management system can easily recharge. Staff can recharge their prepaid accounts with card enroller or smart card enrolment devices, even if they used android devices.
  • It helps in making Food Planning easily.
  • Clients pay faster as all Meal Consumption reports can be provided with great accuracy.