Canteen Meal Card Management Solution for Supreme Foodservice AG

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For over fifty years Supreme Group has provided critical, life-sustaining services that empower military forces to accomplish missions in challenging and austere environments around the globe. The legacy began in 1957 when a former US Army foodservice soldier recognized the need to provide food supply solutions to US military installations in Germany. After demonstrating unparalleled quality and efficiency in supplying US troops, the Supreme Group expanded into the Middle East, supplying United Nations operations in Egypt and Lebanon.

In the 2000s, the rising tensions and ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan provided the Supreme Group with further opportunities to provide military forces with the supply chain network and service solutions that improved performance and quality of life while in the theater.

During this period, Supreme developed the industry’s most efficient fuel supply, storage, testing, and delivery systems powering the US, UK, and UN security forces both in the air and on the ground. Supreme showed total solutions capabilities by building, supplying, operating, and maintaining storage and living facilities from the ground up, outside the wire.

Supreme Group adopted new technology for canteen meal card management solution in the year 2008. Administration of Supreme MMS wants to get rid of the burden from the manual cash handling and billing process, so they had decided to shift on an automatic canteen meal swipe management Solution for all US Army and US Airforce DFACs in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Business Requirements:

  • To concentrate under a single authority and making standard the Smart card base payment system.
  • Enable all Army personnel in the base camps to dine in using Meal Swipe cards only.
  • MVMS and its various graphical records and their controls.
  • Automatically maintaining and update the database without having a physical presence.
  • To supply rapid on-demand reports for counting Head management & making a report for quicker billing purposes.
  • Appropriate direction of meal vouchers.
  • To maintain meal voucher transactions for 4 Meal, Sessions allowed per day.
  • Centralized Meal Consumption reports being provided for Approvals for end of month payment settlements.

Solution offered:

  • Prevents misuse of meals in the canteen.
  • Automatically verification of employees and their details for order placing to authorized Canteen admins for delivery of Meal Packets.
  • Meal card holders automatically restricted from placing multiple orders for 1 Meal session per day.
  • The Canteen Admins can set a limit for a meal in canteen use based on the category of members and nationalities.
  • Administration manages Army personnel Meal Consumption records, like food preparations, transactions of the meal, balance in spare, and others.
  • Quick reports generation of canteen meal management, like employees, item wise consumption reports.
  • 1 Days, 7 Days, 31 days Prepaid cards were sold to cardholders and

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management Solution:

  • Visitor’s meal can be recorded digitally by special Visitor Meal Cards categories.
  • An environmentally friendly system that providing efficient teamwork and facility.
  • Prevention of inconsistency/fraud activity.
  • 64bits of 3DES Encryption on Meal Chip cards in smart card for avoiding frauds and card duplications etc.
  • On-Demand reports can be provided to Clients and canteen administrators as and when required.
  • Newly online reporting tool with a role base approach for all departments such as IT, Finance, operations, and Administration.
  • Segregation of all Meals and quota based on participating coalition peacekeeping country forces.
  • Offline cashless meal card engine to operate in harsh DFAC in War Zones
  • It records the Summary of purchase and return amount details.