Canteen Meal Card Management System solution for Sodexo Catering Services

Sodexo Catering Services

Sodexo was always working hard to improve the performance of many companies around the world. They always want to achieve perfection in their services to different companies around the globe.

Business Requirements:

  • Developing the system that covers all the count heading and voucher handling thanks to the steady features embedded in it.
  • The system has finally made an end to the middle man problems and corruption
  • Detailed Deep down Meal head Count report
  • The plan that reduces fraud and the scam, due to the Virtual payment procedure.
  • The 64 encryption for your data protection and security.

Solutions Offered:

  • The system relies on a very well-developed system that can handle multiple Meal Swipes at the same time from many Meal Card holders.
  • The system never crashed due to the well-developed back end Meal Capture cashless engine.
  • The database is very secure thanks to the high level of cryptography measures implemented in the system
  • The user can customize anything he wants in his account
  • The smart card can handle a great manipulation over the meals quota for each user
  • The system can be used with the internet and without the internet without any problem
  • All the financial and static tasks can be covered and assisted by the new canteen management system
  • Supplied 100K meal Swipe cards for many Meal management projects in the entire world

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management Solutions:

  1. The system covers all the meal head count heading and Digital Coupon handling thanks to the steady smartcard secured features embedded in.
  2. The system has finally made an end to the middle man problems and corruption
  3. The fraud and the scam is totally eliminated due to the virtual payment
  4. The transactions are very fast and can make zero time to achieve the canteen bank account
  5. The security is always over the top when it comes to transactions
  6. The 64bits 3DES encryptions for your data can make you relaxed as no card’s duplication can ever happen.
  7. The daily and weekly and even early reports can show the problems in the canteen management. Like that, it will be easy for owners to correct the bad aspects of their Canteen management
  8. The system offers an optimized user interface for admin in rider to backlist, grant roles, add and remove user, and activate and Blacklist meal cards too.