Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution for Intercat Catering Services

Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution for Intercat Catering Services

Intercat Catering Services has always been a top leader in the catering business in the Middle east. It is one of the dominant in the industry due to the high quality of their service. It has a considerable staff and client portfolio that needs massive care. As a result, they want to establish a steady canteen management system to satisfy their clients.

Business Requirement:

  • Adopting a system that can handle the finance and the statistics tasks for the company canteen management.
  • Providing security, which is one of the top advantages of the cashless canteen system in the company for employees and management team.
  • Less connect with other persons like those users that will be safer from virus and diseases.
  • One Meal Per Meal Session is allowed to avoid misuse of Meals.
  • Meal head Count reports are provided to all Intercat Catering Customers.
  • The system can make the users more hygienic and way from any danger of critical conditions.

Solution Offered:

  • Major MMS System project deployment for Meal Headcount management in some of their client’s Canteens in Dubai, UAE with approx. 3K Meal cards supply
  • The networking has the most advanced solutions can make the counting of vouchers and head easier
  • The coupon printers are always available for the users, and they can get it right the meal swap terminal
  • You can have excellent reporting for the financial tasks with the canteen billing and costs
  • The admin panel is convenient and can be used by anyone. The user interface is straightforward and offers excellent simple navigation.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution:

  1. You will get rid of all the problems related to fraud and middle man
  2. The voucher and headcount are among the top quality features of the system
  3. The reporting and the analytics tools can make an accurate calculation for the canteen management financial issues
  4. The transactions for purchasing meals are very fast and take no time
  5. The system will reject Card Holders who already have consumed food in their client’s canteens.
  6. The smart cards can make the client adjust his scheduling for the meal any time he wants