Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution for Baguette Catering Services

Project Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

BCS is always among the elite in handling campus Catering services for many schools and Industrial organizations around the Middle east. Today, they want to integrate large quantity of Student Meal smart cards related to the canteen management system in many schools and universities around the United Arab Emirates.

Business Requirements:

  • Developing a system in which payment will be very secure and does not require Physical Banknotes.
  • The system modifies the schedule for a meal in the canteen.
  • The need for a proper facility of internet network connection for the canteen management system
  • The infrastructure is very sophisticated and can make the system works 24/7 without interruption.
  • Parents need to make online payments to Top-Up Meal cards anytime and from anywhere as and when required.
  • Parents need to control Meal amount spent of Students
  • Single Login for parents to check and control profiles of multiple siblings in same or multiple schools.
  • The canteen system is compatible with all the payment methods without any restrictions.

Solutions Offered:

  • Admin Module to control cards activation, Blacklisting, Online Terminal monitoring Drilled down advanced Meal summary reports
  • Outstanding reporting is very efficient for meals dedicated to Staff and Students.
  • The advanced feature of analytics can make the department understand more about what happened in the canteen. All the aspects are deeply controlled.
  • The remote control is available due to the terminals and can be used to modify anything related to canteen management.
  • The database is very flexible and can handle a tremendous number of queries at the same time.
  • Major MMS System project deployment for some schools In Abu Dhabi, with approx. 5K Student Meal Cards supply.
  • Students and Parents can access Web site, iOS & Android apps to check available balances and History of all transactions done by Students Meal Cards in schools

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution:

  1. You can use the reporting and the analytics tools to make the schools handier with future canteen improvement.
  2. The meals and vouchers are always ready to be modified when it comes to timing and quantity.
  3. The fraud is finally ended due to the absence of a middle man.
  4. No need for physical cash/Banknotes which means no fraud in real life
  5. Students and Staff will be more hygienic since there is no contact with others while dealing with the canteen on day to day basis.
  6. The system covers all the necessary functions of counting the head and the administrative tasks.