Canteen Meal Card Management System for Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP)

Tawazun Economic Council (Tawazun) is an industry enabler responsible for the creation and development of a sustainable defense and security industry in the UAE. Tawazun serves as a catalyst for economic growth for the enhancement of the defense and security industry. By driving economic value, technology and innovation, ecosystem growth, and capabilities development, Tawazun empowers industry for a better tomorrow.

Business Requirement:

  • The voucher and Meal headcount management are some priorities in the system.
  • Turnstile Gate Access control is required to control access to all employees working in TIP Zone.
  • Detailed Meal Consumption reports are required for all Companies operating within the TIP Facility.
  • A Meal Card delivers many meals at the same time in the canteen.
  • The system ended the problems of spam and fraud too, of transaction.
  • The encryption on the card can make you relaxed with your secured payment too.
  • The advanced analytics can decide-makers make more accurate decisions about canteen management.

Solutions offered:

  • Offline Meal Access control Turnstile Gates are installed in all Canteen Entrances.
  • The availability of the coupon printer is always available for canteen clients.
  • The reporting tools are very advanced, and they cover every aspect of the canteen system.
  • Admin control can make you control all the aspects of your company.
  • Meal Head count reports are provided to all taking part in companies for Meal consumption and billing purposes.
  • Major MMS System project deployment for oil participating companies in Tawazun Industrial Park with Turnstile Gate based Canteen Access and Meal Headcount management in Abu Dhabi DFAC with approx. 8K Meal cards supply

Benefits of Canteen Card Meal Management System:

  1. Admin control is much optimized. The user expires over the top of the expectation. It handles the possibility to manage roles and users within the system.
  2. Meal Card payments make all Transaction and reporting faster.
  3. No long queues to process all Meal Payments.
  4. The database is also responsive. Even if the pressure on the server is too high, no problem will occur.
  5. Unique protection toward the extern cyber attacks