Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution for HSBC Bank

Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution for HSBC BankCanteen Meal Card Management System Solution for HSBC Bank

Project Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

HSBC Bank is one of the top banking institutions in the world. They have networks and offices everywhere around the globe. HSBC wants to integrate a lot of smart cards along their canteen management system to make their staff and client more satisfied as an ongoing process of Employee Happiness drive.

Business Requirements:

  • It is adopting a system that will save a considerable amount of precious time of management teams and money for the client.
  • The cashless system is more hygienic and prevents the client during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
  • The meals and the services offered from the canteen are going to be more reachable to busy people in Bank.
  • The system relies on a very sophisticated and high Secured Cloud infrastructure.

Solution Offered:

  • The availability of the coupon printers is always occurring with the meal swap terminals.
  • A combination of Smartcards and Barcode Based Meal Cards will be used by all HSBC Staff.
  • Online Payment can be Top-up by staff anytime from On-Site payment Kiosks or from Online Payment Portal.
  • The client can easily customize the time of his meals according to his scheduling.
  • The reporting of the features related to analytics can be very useful in making the company perform better decisions.
  • A much-optimized admin panel to control the roles and the client’s account privileges in the entire system.
  • The system is very secure against any penetration to the database.
  • Major MMS System project deployment for all HSBC offices in Dubai with approx. 3500 Meal card supply.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management System Solution:

  1. The Meal Payment transactions do not take any time, and they are instant
  2. The backend technology used by the system is much secured due to much cryptography and Encryption security measures.
  3. The headcount and the vouched are easily covered thanks to the canteen management system functionalities.
  4. The problems of fraud and spam are going to vanish.
  5. Purchasing a meal will be more straightforward and swift thanks to the pre-paid system.
  6. The system has a user-friendly interface for different tasks.
  7. The encryption used in the canteen system will protect staff information.
  8. Canteen operator reports will be provided online anytime.
  9. Bank Employees can track last balances and History of transactions anytime from Online Web-based portals