Canteen Meal Card Management Solution for RAK Precast


RAK Precast is a well-known large-scale producer of architectural, pre-stressed hollow core slabs and structural precast concrete in the Gulf region. Currently, the management team of RAK Precast adopted a cashless canteen meal management system for reducing precious time and effort for collecting and maintaining a record of payment of food and relevant records of all employees of the company.

Business Requirement:

  • To centralize and standardize the Smartcard based prepaid voucher system
  • To enable us to have accessibility and transparency for MVMS
  • (Meal Voucher Management System) and various statistical reports and controls.
  • Maintain and update the central database without being physically present.
  • To provide quick on-demand Reports for Head Count Management &reporting for faster billing purposes.
  • Providing a user-friendly system facilitating quick & efficient operation.

Solution offered:

  • Major MMS System project deployment tor all RAK Precast offices in Dubai with approx. 1200 Meal cards
  • Network/Internet-based solutions to handle multiple counters in a closed environment.
  • User-defined timing for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Tea, etc.
  • Outstanding Reporting for the additional meals of the employees in a particular mealtime.
  • Advanced online reporting module with Role based access for all Departments like IT admin, Finance, Marketing, Branch Cashiers/Head Cashiers, etc.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report for meat taken by the employee – contractor wise/Canteen Facility smart/date wise(quantity).
  • Admin Module to control card activation, Blacklisting, Online Terminal monitoring Drilled down advanced Meal summary reports.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management Solution:

  1. Robust backend prepaid capture database.
  2. Multiple meal voucher swaps can be checked for all Staff based on Meals allocation
  3. It can work online or offline without any network infrastructure.
  4. Can store 5000 meal records in offline mode.
  5. Manage meal Voucher transactions
  6. Prevention of discrepancy/fraud:
  7. 64 Bits Encryption on cards to avoid fraud/card duplication.
  8. Department wise access for online reporting:
  9. Advanced online reporting module with Role-based access for all departments like IT, Administration, Finance & marketing.
  10. Finance to have price count reports segregated for all the meals & collectively.
  11. Admin module to control card activation, blacklisting & online terminal monitoring.
  12. Receipt printing on card swipe, Coupon printers, or label printers can be integrated with the meal swap terminals.