Canteen Meal Card Management Solution for Bin Butti International Holdings

Bin Butti International Holdings

Bin Butti Group is an Abu Dhabi, UAE based company established in 1968 under the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Khadem Bin Butti. The Group has seen tremendous success over the years, developing itself into a conglomerate with operations expanding from the Middle East, Africa, and other GCC countries.

Bin Butti Group owns business stakes in sectors like oil & gas, used oil refinery, hospitality, investments, transportation, Catering, medical equipment, health & safety, recruitment, manufacturing, trading, mineral water, and laundry services. We only indulge in sustainable business practices to make a lasting impression upon the communities we serve. We are always looking towards future business opportunities where we can add greater value to the lives of our customers.

Bin Butti International Holding LLC had developed a new system for managing the canteen meal card management. They are willing to adopt a canteen meal management system for getting standardized for all catering sites in schools and Industrial Canteens in UAE.

Business Requirements:

  1. To adopt an effective method for reducing paper records of a worker in the canteen food usage.
  2. To use Smart Cards for a payment system that can easily recharge.
  3. The company management team can save their precious time by adopting a new system of canteen meal management.
  4. Easy method of payment for the food of staff in the company canteen.
  5. Maintenance of proper meal consumption records of company workers with their personal information

Solution offered to Bin Butti International Holdings:

  • This canteen management system supports whole work in effective ways, authentic calculations with no error manners.
  • It is an effective method for solving all issues in the canteen.
  • In this system, e-wallet/ Smartcards use for payment of food charges in the canteen of Bin Butti International Holding.
  • Bin Butti International Holding can check automatically of multiple orders.
  • The company’s administration can maintain a record of employees’ foods for the canteen for a specific time.
  • It helps the company’s administration to make specific records of workers like food preparations, per head meal count, balance remaining, transaction, and others.

Benefits of Canteen Meal Card Management Solution

  • It allows only allowed persons to avail of reliable services.
  • It is a faster service process for maintaining meal swipe records.
  • This system has a function to displays the menu automatically according to the database of time and schedules.
  • This system allows limited food allows employees at one time; no extra food will be allowed after consuming the same Meal Sessions.
  • This system shows the menu, food purchasing bill with a voucher format that can be printed instantly by our built-in thermal receipt printers.
  • Providing multiple different options likes company canteens, Employee meals, employee master, Meal types, Department masters, and their records.