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I got my Loyalty System set up and Installed from AVI Infosys and working in less than 24 hours which is an incredible feat. I am very pleased with their professionalism and the performance of their products. It is a pleasure to work with such dedicated professionals.

Management, Joy Alukkas Group, Dubai, UAE

"Our company operates in large work areas in which all our production takes place. I chanced upon the AVI Infosys website and found the most technologically advanced camera there is with the specifications that I was searching. I ordered the AVI-VIS-4080 immediately. The product has delivered more than my expectations."

Khaleed Ahmed, Friends Net Cafee, Egypt

"I have installed the AVI-VIS-2342 dome camera all across the malls, to ensure a safe and secure environment for my shoppers. Till date I have not received a single complaint for slack of security. I trust only AVI Infosys for security solutions.."

MR. Abdul Kader, Alfa Steel

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Time Tracker for FACE Recognition

Time Monitoring Software which operates automatically..

RealTime Standard is designed to become your straightforward and effortless FACE Recognition time monitoring software. Discover yourself all the most wanted and essential functions that are loaded..

Over time

Weekly and Daily Guidelines For every week rules, you choose what day your pay week begins from. With regards to both, a person should specify the number of hours that should elapse prior to Overtime or Double-Time earnings start working.


Exceptions "Exception" may be the industry phrase for a mistake in the time card. Most likely, this is just a skipped punch for the employee. The software displays the flag for just about any pay time period that has an exception. A banner is also shown in the worker list to assist and identify employees who have some conditions. This makes conditions easy to determine and solve.

Edits and Changes

RealTime Standard utilizes a Punch Modifying screen that permits you to modify, add, or eliminate any your punches you deem necessary. You'll appreciate that RealTime Regular provides immediate feedback from the calculated totals throughout the editing procedure. In addition, you will find the ability to create a timecard adjustment for just about any employee.


Enter the preferred paid vacations and RealTime will automatically produce PTO (Paid Time Off) for employees once the holiday day arrives.


Assign every employee to some department after which you can use the department info in your reviews and exports.


Several reviews are designed in to RealTime Standard, such as Time Credit cards, Early or Late, Nearing Overtime and many others. Reviews can be sorted based on worker, department or even shift choices.


Built in exports consist of QuickBooks, PayPlus, SLS Triad, PayChex and others. Apart from exports that are prepared for a particular payroll item, RealTime Standard can produce a comma separated textual content file too, so that you can manipulate this yourself for your own personal payroll software.