Wireless Security System from D-Link and AVI Infosys

Wireless Internet Security

Over the years, the technical troops at AVI Infosys have reviewed and evaluated more than a dozen possible e-mail server software applications from companies around the world. This exercise was conducted mainly for our existing customers who were so satisfied and reassured by our security and surveillance services that they decided to take their trust in us to the next level. The jury is no longer out on the issue and MDaemon is the clear winner. AVI Infosys has performed several successful installations of MDaemon and is now standing by to address all your enterprise-wide e-mail messaging needs. We will not only install, configure, customize and test MDaemon on a server which will serve everyone in your company with e-mail messaging solutions but will also maintain the application for you.

D-Link DWL-2100AP
Wireless Solution that Breaks the Sound Barrier

With the D-Link 108G enhancement, the DWL-2100AP can achieve wireless speeds up to 15x in a pure D-Link 108G environment. This is possible through the deployment of state-of-the-art wireless technologies which include:

  • Turbo mode
  • Packet Bursting
  • Fast Frame
  • Compression & Encryption
  • Other proprietary technologies that puts D-Link way ahead of its competition

The latest technologies, which have been harnessed by D-Link after meticulous testing, enable a throughput level that is high enough to seamlessly facilitate audio as well as video streaming and future bandwidth-intense applications

The DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point also provides support to the SNMP v.3 for standard. This means highly improved network management with D-Link’s Wireless AP Manager software which manages network configurations and firmware upgrades. The software is bundled with the product at no extra cost. Additionally, for enterprise-level networks, the DWL-2100AP supports network administration and real-time network traffic monitoring through D-Links D-View Network Management software.

Intel Certified Access Point Solution from AVI Infosys and D-Link

The D-Link DWL-2100AP Access Point has been verified and successfully stress-tested through the Intel Wireless Verification Program. The program is designed to test the compatibility of various access point devices as well as wireless service providers with common configuration of notebooks and other wireless products built on the Intel Centrino mobile platform.

The DWL-2100AP features the WDS (Wireless Distribution System). It can be configured to perform in any one of the five following modes:

  • Wireless Access Point
  • Point-to-Point (PtP) bridge with another DWL-2100AP
  • Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) bridge
  • Repeater for range extension
  • Wireless Client

Attach an Antenna to the DWL-2100AP

The DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point comes with a detachable antenna utilizing a reverse SMA connector. By simply attaching a D-Link wireless antenna, you can increase the wireless range of the DWL-2100AP and achieve incredible range that will impress not only your customers but also your employees.

Wireless Security that is never Compromised

The DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point from D-Link and AVI Infosys utilizes WPA (WiFi Protected Access) as well as 802.1X authentication. This iron-clad authentication provides a superior level of security for data communication among wireless clients. The DWL-2100AP is also compatible with the IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g communication standards.

With increased manageability, operation modes that are highly versatile, and a solid security cover, the D-Link AirPlus Xtreme G DWL-2100AP Wireless Access Point delivers the super-fast 108Mbps speed and everything else a network professional can ever expect at a price point that is incredible to say the least.

Wireless Security Products at your Doorstep

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