RFID based Event Raffle Systems

rfid badges for eventsAVI Infosys provides you the best RFID based event raffle systems, and you all know that RFID based event raffle systems are the industry’s standard now. The RFID based event raffle system is built by the most experienced developer of AVI Infosys with the collaboration of the innovation team. Therefore, the RFID based event raffle systems have all the features required by event management. Radiofrequency Identification based event raffle systems allow you to manage your trade shows, exhibitions, competitions, conferences, and other corporate or large-scale events.

You can also use RFID tags to transfer your other data of the event like feedback, entertainment, event tickets, competition, and other tactics. It is easy-to-read RFID tags from a greater distance as compared to the barcode. The best RFID event solutions are provided by AVI Infosys. RFID wristbands for events offered by AVI Infosys, mostly these wristbands are used by ticketing companies, venues, and also by event planners.

These RFID wristbands for events are usually distributed at the entrance, having a tiny chip that transmits data and can be scanned by your smartphone. You will have more control over the system and the chance of mistakes will be minimized. It helps you to maintain the entire record of the event.


  • Web-based system accessible from everywhere
  • You can know the standing time of any attendee on each location
  • This is the perfect tool for your personnel accountability and emergency evacuation
  • RFID wristbands for events
  • RFID event tracking system
  • Location monitoring for real-time
  • You can easily monitor the movement and presence of your each security guard at any instant of time
  • You can get detailed reports of every concerned portion of the event

Why choose us?

We are providing a unique management and non-disruptive system to you with the help of AVI Infosys’ RFID based event management raffle system. RFID technologies are extensively used these days and AVI Infosys is offering this technology at a very affordable price to keep your costs down with the higher return of investment. You should choose the RFID based event raffle management system by AVI Infosys as it is easier to use and to maintain with no complications.

What are you waiting for? Save your event and face challenges with the help of AVI Infosys solutions and RFID based event raffle management system. Contact us AVI Infosys 24/7 for quality services or call us tel:+97143587036.

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