Offline Portable Cashless Terminal Solutions

offline payment solutions.Are you fed up by having cash in hands for payments? What if we talk about the cashless economy? Remember! The time is not so far when you will see the wonders in technology in the form of offline payment solutions.

We are coming to fit all your wallet’s money to the cards. We are passionate to introduce such tools in the market that allow offline POS transactions. We believe our great idea is making you excited.

Let’s look further, how our Offline portable cashless terminal solutions is beneficial for you. We have tried our best to explain every aspect of offline transactions.

Let’s move further for your proper guidance:

But before that you must know the importance of static terminal to estimate how this system is too different.

  • Do you wish to enable the card handling process possible at any branch? This iBonus terminal can work perfectly for this.
  • iBonus terminal/ static terminal is offering several features including backlists, issuing cards, replacing cards, and much more.
  • Do you wish to issue the smart cards for your own brand? iBonus can do so in no time.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the chance to install this sophisticated device at your branch.

We are passionate to bring a cashless society

  • We know! It is difficult to make a cashless society. We are living in a society where people are too far from the concept of Digital Payment Methods. But we are working with an aim to bring revolutionary changes via offline portable cashless solution.
  • As people are getting awareness, they have taken less money with them. The cashless payments have now become a trend in the retail world. That is why we are working to make contactless payments.

Why we are promoting this concept?

Are you getting confused that why we are passionate about introducing this way of paying? Keep on scrolling! We have the answer to your question.


Offline payment solutions are the easiest ways of doing payments instead of manual payment methods. We are always available for your guidance if you are confused about anything. We are launching this facility and comfort.


This method will surely generate more revenues because this process speeds up the transactions.

Consumer satisfaction

We have found our consumers highly satisfied because usually, people prefer not to carry money with them.


Because of possible offline operations and minimizing cash handling, this program is considered safe. Fraud management is 100%.

We are happy to make your life easier as a visitor, organizer, and vendor. We are promoting the system where there is no need for cash-handling and mental calculations. Let’s help you make your payments possible within seconds. We are providing the easiest ways to send your payments into the terminal by having access to the NFC terminal at the checkout by just a few taps. Contact us or call us on tel:+97143587036.