Country National ID Cards

Country National ID CardsNational ID cards are essential, and they need to be durable. PVC used in national ID cards, it should be durable because of this national ID card remains strong structurally. The composition of the national ID card is essential, and the lamination should be perfect.

AVI solutions work on these structures of the ID cards. We use PVC that makes the ID cards durable, there are many more services that we are offering to represent the best kind of ID cards so it can remain durable for an extended period. Services offered by AVI Infosys regarding Country National ID Cards are below.

Secure ID cards:

We provide you the best ID cards that are highly secure to get secure from any fraud. We provide the best national ID cards, which are according to the Government’s security measures. We use unique holograms and designs for your security. We have a specific magnetic strip for encoding the data. For the ID card’s lamination, we use UV to increase the durability.

Complete integration:

We mainly use an Absolute integration system that provides the best customization to the ID cards; we have the best IT service which connects the id card printer into your IT system. We offer supports of integration into your system of global.

Decentralized ID card printing:

We use Decentralized ID card printing to get immediate results. We make sure that hardware should be reliable and it should be easy to use regularly. The Government’s card printer compact size this system can be used in every office of administration. The advantage of a Decentralized ID card is that you can print the ID cards on the spot; it is straightforward to use. With the help of this fraud, it could decrease related cases.

National Identity Card Printer and Printing Services:

We provide the national identity card printers and printing services as well. We offer the best printing services for printing national ID cards. We use the high definition of image for printing the national ID cards, and the text is possibly used with laser technology, the Government recommends which. We have ID card printers that print 1,000 ID cards per day, and all printers are according to Government’s recommendation. According to supplementing technology, these printers are reliable for printing the bulk of national ID cards. Contact us or call us tel:+97143587036.