Door Access Control Solutions

Door access control solutionsIt doesn’t matter whether you are operating an office of 20 people or 100; you need a proper door access solution. These days, many people face issues regarding security systems, and AVI Infosys is the best place for you to get a solution to your problem.

Well, AVI Infosys also incorporates the access control system as a system for time attendance. We can also make it affordable for different organizations to integrate their Photo, ID, time, and attendance and also access control into a single card. Depending on the requirements, we provide solutions to a different organization of different sizes.

AVI Infosys is the leading company to provide you with solutions for your small, medium, or widely spread businesses. We deliver complete solutions, including door access control softwarebiometric systemscard access control solutiondoor lock units, etc.

What are door access control systems?

Well, the door access control system is used to monitor, control, and restrict movements. These movements can be relevant to people, vehicles, or any building/assets.

What is the RFID door access control system?

RFID stands for Radio-Frequency identification, and we use it in controlling access by using RF electromagnetic fields. It helps to identify people with no physical contact.


There are three basic types of door access control technology provided by AVI Infosys:

  • Smart Cards
  • Biometric Identification
  • Face Recognition

Smart Cards:

Smart cards are widely used in indoor access control systems, and these are short temper resistant cards used to hold, transmit, and encrypt data.

Biometric Identification:

We can also say it as body measurement. It includes a fingerprint or retinal scan.

Face Recognition:

This is a kind of access control system with the biggest advantages these days, as no physical contact is required to get access. In this pandemic of COVID-19, face recognition is one of the best door access control systems.

Why choose us?

We use door access control systems these days instead of large traditional locks. There are many door access control systems offered by different companies and online websites, but AVI Infosys provides you the certified solutions for your door access control system in the UAE.

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