DFAC Canteen Meal Card System

DFAC Canteen Meal Card SystemAVI Infosys provides solutions to DFAC Canteen Meal Card System, which is beneficial for both the soldiers and authorities running the canteen. DFAC Canteen Meal card System is mostly used by the Army and Air Force. The DFAC Meal card system can be designed as per the demand of the Air Force and Army authorities. The canteen meal system is specially designed for the Army and Air force. AVI Infosys will help soldiers to take their meals as per ranks on time. Do prefer AVI Infosys from digitalization to maintenance, which means from the start till maintenance and updating the entire system in the armed forces canteens is managed by the card system. Therefore, it is helpful for the army and air force agencies to issue cards according to ranks, so AVI Infosys is providing a complete package of a solution with surety of 100% guaranteed services.


The main features of solutions offered by AVI Infosys related to the DFAC Canteen Meal Card System are given below:

  • Our services will solve the meal system for the soldiers as per their level.
  • AVI Infosys will provide you cards designed for each soldier of the army and air force.
  • Every soldier has a card for DFAC Canteen meal system with his / her complete information which will be updated when required.
  • You need to operate to pre-designed cards for every rank that varies from soldier Colonels.
  • Soldiers and officers of the Air force and army are categorized accordingly and issued cards with complete details.
  • It will provide armed forces with the solution of all IT and server related issues under one umbrella.

Why you choose AVI Solutions?

If you are looking forward to the digitalizing canteen for meals as a contractor of the army and air force units or headquarters or training centers canteens, install DFAC canteen meal card system. AVI Infosys is one of the fast-growing and well-known solutions providers for every issue related to IT along with a vast experience of working for a soldier’s canteen.

You will find AVI Infosys always on top if you are looking for solutions to your issues related to the DFAC Canteen meal card system for the soldiers with the help of online or server-based services. We are experts in all technical issues relevant to IT & server-based issues for the DFAC Canteen Meal Card System for the air force.

So, don’t waste your time and do visit AVI Infosys to fix the meal system into the canteens for the police, Army, and Air force. Therefore, you need to go through our complete solutions. You need to dial our contact number. Our team is just one call away to provide you solutions 24/7 with 100% secure and guaranteed solutions.  Contact us AVI Infosys 24/7 for quality services or call us tel:+97143587036.