CCTV Solutions

CCTV SolutionAn information technology-based company aims to develop businesses and companies with the security system to protect unwanted events.

CCTV Security Solutions

With the help of multifunction CCTV cameras in control operation, staff maintenance, and property safety through recording movies 24 hours.

Security camera solutions

It is more valuable and authorized for the security system in industries by preventing stolen property. Reduce the cost of payment to hire a security person.

CCTV Camera Solutions:

CCTV Camera video delivers transmission signals to connected monitors by recording shown on-screen whatever recording in the cameras.

I.P. surveillance solutions:

The camera can be installed anywhere with an internet connection or wifi access point. It upon you how long distance you want to cover by it.

IP CCTV Solutions

IP CCTV Solution can maintain the security of your business and houses. It has a high-resolution quality, cannot be broken while it has to zoom.


  • We will provide you CCTV Camera solutions at the lowest prices.
  • AVI Infosys ensure you high quality and night vision camera solutions.
  • We will provide you the best technical services along with a huge data storing capacity.
  • AVI will provide you solutions to every type of technical issue.
  • You will get installation, maintenance, and calibrations at a single platform with guaranteed solutions to other relevant solutions.

Why choose us?

Anyone can provide a straightforward approach to AVI Infosys LLC for availing required services. It provides genius and updated automated solutions and tools based on working by mobile applications and assigned software to fulfill the requirement of clients in the globes.

AVI Quality and performance certified and standard industry certified by great effort in quality assurance and workforce training in critical conditions. They have an excellent working technical team and expert in an installation for all kinds of surveillance products. And ISO 9000 regulatory company issued certification regarding the best quality, service performance, and delivery.