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Smart Cost-effective idea to Make all your Canteen Meal Operations Cashless with minimum Manpower Cost & involvement

Canteen Contactless cashless payment solution along with COVID-19 Prevention system which is Awarded and Endorsed by UN-WHO/UN-WTO which will help Campuses and workplaces to the secure spread of COVID-19 Virus in campuses and canteens and to allow smooth, Secured contactless payment transactions within Campuses/ Workplaces Canteens with peace of mind for all. We have super-fast ways to manage Employee/Students Meal Transactions. Our catering management POS software is a cloud-based software system that manages our overall catering system, i.e. from menu presentation to billing and Digital Cashless Transactions. We are excited to announce that we are equipped with the latest tools to provide ease and comfort to your meal ordering system as a workplace employee or students on Campuses.

Cashless Meals Vending Machine Solution

Advantages of Digital Contactless Cashless Meals Vending Machine Solution

Don’t confuse yourself with the varieties of Catering meal card systems available in the market. We believe you will find us best because we are aiming to facilitate you to an extent. And believe us, we have found our clients highly satisfied with our great Canteen Management System.

• Manpower cost can be drastically reduced as only one person is enough to Refill empty Vending Machine Meal boxes.

• COVID-19 Prevention system (Additional Module) which helps in Contact Tracing among School Teachers, students, and workplace employees.

• Prevention of COVID-19 by using Contactless cashless campus payment technology

• Reduced time, error, and loss associated with cash accounting.

• Enhances Catering Company/School branding/prestige and spirit of uniformity.

• One Tap Debit Transaction solution from Smartcards for the fast delivery of Meal Boxes.

• Fewer queues to maintain Social Distancing during COVID-19 Pandemic times.

• Removes department-wise complexities of accumulating transaction records.

• Parents can have more control over their children –where the money is being spent?

• Proper central visibility and accounts reconciliation.

• Head Count Management per Meal Sessions is easy to manage with out of box reporting.

Why Cashless catering Vending System is preferable?

We are here to make cashless catering by introducing smartcard based technology. Do you wish to pay for your food with a quick tap? We have made this possible. The cashless catering system is a great way to get rid of handling cash and credit card transactions. This system eliminates your efforts by reducing the queues and waiting time. After this great timesaving method, the canteen staff will be ready
to serve you with a splendid meal in no time.

Cashless catering solutions are best for the customer’s transactions by deducting the money from their Smartcard based Meal Cashless cards rather than their credit cards or physical Banknotes. If such advancement and easiness are possible, then why are you not passionate to get these benefits? Come On! Make your meals transactions super easy by our considerable meal card management system. We are working with a highly professional team of Digital Payment Consultants and Software Engineers. Our team is capable to provide customized cashless catering solutions to our clients as per their Catering Business Requirements.

Advance Analytical Reports

  • Canteen IT Administrators can take reports on a daily/ weekly/monthly/yearly basis contractor-wise, canteen facility wise, and data-wise.
  • It offers you special reports for all extra meals taken by the employees/Students in any specific meal Session-based timings.
  • Terminal Based Prepaid cashless reports available anytime anywhere from our Certified Cloud Server Infrastructure. It comes with a separate admin module that manages the blacklisting, card activation, and online terminal monitoring.
  • Deep down customized On-Demand reports with inventory and cashless transactions at one go.
  • It will also offer advanced meal summary reports on demand.

Cashless Vending Machine based Meal Management System includes Data Collection Terminals, Card Management tools, Meal Management Software programs. With the use of this exceptional solution, you will not only get criteria-based Customized reports but also help you ensure one meal per employee/Student on every active meal sessions timing, helping you to prevent misuse of the dining facility at your organization.

We have made the hard task of managing meals for each employee/Student possible through our amazing Catering meal card Vending machine system. We are passionate to increase your sales by introducing a user-friendly cashless catering Vending Machine system for your Client’s employees and Schools Canteens. Our exciting system is here to increase the sales of your catering businesses and help you to do Social Distancing to help Mitigate the risk of Spreading COVID-19 viruses within your Canteens and Dinning Facilities.

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