Biometric Solutions

Biometric SolutionsAVI Biometric Solution is a separate model regarding information collection through assigned bio matric devices after capturing. After that, every person has been verified from other identifications stored in the biometric system. Three to four samples were collected to reach a targeted template during the process of enrollment.

AVI Infosys has Touchless Biometric readers who can identify fingerprint through touchless Biometric system readers and security recognition solutions. Touchless biometric readers read and seen data from a distance by capturing a picture of a finger.

AVI Infosys has a touch less attendance system with excellent quality to capture the scratches face of staff working in the company through a Contactless biometric attendance system.

These products solution records attendance and stores it in assigned devices. This modern technology is better than the touchscreen biometric system.

For keeping in mind public health safety purposes again, coronavirus prevents a touch less attendance system is ideal for it.

AVI Infosys discovered Contactless Biometric Readers, which can finger image easily and quickly without contact. It accesses to requirements with speed and reliability without touch scanning of biometric data in its devices.

The global market wants to become a safe environment and the pandemic situation regarding COVID-19, contact Biometric designated to identify workers in the company, or travel for international countries.

Other devices like the Contactless fingerprint scanner are unique technology worldwide without contact reading data from contactless fingerprint capture. AVI Infosys delivers the best solutions of contactless fingerprint scanners in the globe.

  • You will find the best quality solution regarding the safety of biometric data without touching devices.
  • AVI Infosys solve every problem regarding contactless biometric readers.
  • You will remain secure in touchless readers and devices.
  • Individual data recorded for identification to compare another identity with securely
  • You can get benefits from it in the pandemic condition of COVID-19 condition.
  • Best Solution for attendance system for academies and companies by facial scanners.
  • AVI Infosys solution has a fast approach to data by the contactless biometric system.
  • AVI Infosys solution provides a secure environment and doing an outstanding job.

Why choose us?

AVI Infosys is providing the best quality solutions at affordable prices as compared to other markets. Face difficulties in the kind of information regarding contactless products for installation n and operation by software. You can easily get access to AVI Infosys solutions for kind information and support.

AVI Infosys’ Solution is ideal for the customer regarding the best qualities in the world.  Contact us AVI Infosys 24/7 for quality services or call us tel:+97143587036.