Network Access Control System Management Software SYSOFT-230

  • Maximum number of linked controller : 9,999
  • Maximum number of card : 6,000 ~ 63,000.
  • Communication interface : USB/RS232/TCP/UDP.

Access Control Management System SYW95A-V3D

  • Support APB(Anti-Pass Back) application.
  • – Basic version of T&A software included.
  • – Door open time-out alarm

Access Control Management System SYW95A-NET

  • Support to APP setting with 16 groups.
  • Static(or Fixed) IP address is required with computer(Server) to accomplish application via WAN/Internet. System will provide one point server and two points as Client

Access Control Management System SYBASE

  • Maximum of card : 2,000.
  • Build-in card assignment function
  • Support to data output with reports

Digital Video Monitor Management System SYSOFT-DVM

  • Record the previous 10 seconds image after flash he proximity.
  • Support dual card monitor screen, audio monitoring / recording.
  • Zero waiting database searching and event preview

Time Attendance Management System SYSOFT-TAM

  • Advanced Version of T&A Software
  • Export Working Time Data with Flexible/Fixed Shift.
  • Integrated with Access Control Software SYW95A / SYBASE

Fingerprint Management System SYSOFT-FPM

  • Built-in Anti-Tamper protection / Buzzer.
  • Built-in EM / Mifare reader.
  • The optional external proximity standard / keypad reader