Ramy Trading Co. LLC

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Case Studies
Location :United Arab Emirates
Industry:Entertainment, Hotel and hospitality
Project Launch Date:07/10/2010
No. of Terminals:1
No. of Member cards:1000


Ramy Trading Co. LLC is a company based in UAE dedicated to catering the needs of four wheel vehicles. They have the head office in Dubai and a branch office in Abu Dhabi. They can create a mean machine out of your car; also give you options to personalize your cars. They can accessorize your car with off road accessories like performance enhancing accessories with programmers or with LED lighting. They are also good in styling your car interiors with seat belts and other accessories. They have the latest gazettes/accessories to give your car what it deserves.


For them, transparency could be major factor which determine winning or losing. They may need to settle and update Bonus Points to all prestigious customers during Bill settlement. iBonus Loyalty and Prepaid System, as an off-the-shelf system, have successfully been deployed in their site with 1 Terminal and 1000 cards.

iBonus Hybrid System managed to survive in the rugged environment and is providing required speed to finish the transactions in record time. iBonus Hybrid Terminal is used as Bonus System for Loyalty applications. iBonus Hybrid Terminal is automatically adding Bonus Points during each purchasing, even if the customers forget to bring their Loyalty Cards or are availing the facility of online and telephone booking.

This way Business Owner and Customers enjoy win-win situations. iBonus generic version has 95% of what this project is needed. Based on the core of journal database, card replacement, repair and renew and all other rugged software design, Technical Consultant team in AVI INFOSYS LLC managed to design and deploy the specification based on policies of the Client. Many customers of iBonus System find that the generic version can suit their need. Based on its robust data handling algorithm, even customization is needed, this can be done very quickly while maintaining its beauty, thereby lowering the cost of customization.