Discount Cards

Discount cards have become very popular among all the brands these days. Many brands are offering discount cards to increase customer loyalty with their brand.

Discount cards have many features, and every brand makes sure that its customers enjoy the best membership services for their products or facilities they are providing.

Discount cards are a great treat for customers as they help in promoting the ongoing business. Providing creative and customized discount cards that carry your logo and identity, as well as brand details, attract the current customers and new customers. PVC discount cards are unique and they help the customer to track its spending via POS software or barcode. You can customize the discounts on cards easily by providing special bar codes, QR codes or percentages, etc.

Discount Cards Customization

There are many options for discount cards these days. You can choose any type if there are many plastic cards options. You can choose standard business cards and snap off plastic cards, etc. You can also choose such as barcode or numbering, foil, magnetic stripe, signature panel, hole punching, spot UV printing, hologram,. Plastic cards can be created using offset printing or silkscreen printing. The size and thickness can be customized according to your needs. We can help you with any of your plastic card options by offering our PVC card printers.

Types of Discount Cards

Following are the discount cards:

  1. Hologram card

Hologram cards are a hologram PVC card with the compound of a hologram sticker. It is the advanced form of photography that allows the image to be recorded in three dimensions. When we put the hologram on the card and then compound together, it will help to make the anti-counterfeit effect.

  1. Scratch-off card

A scratch-off card is a special artwork of plastic cards. When a code is required to access the card value, the custom scratch off cards is the perfect one for solutions.

  1. Transparent PVC card

Transparent PVC cards, frosted plastic cards, clear business cards, and clear frosted cards, with a metal frosted look like tint screens, spot colors, and a perfect appearance by color printing. Clear cards look wonderful because of special effects and craft can be incorporated into the design.

  1. Magnetic card

It is a card like a magnetic recording medium that uses magnetic carriers to record the character and digital information for identification or other purposes. Magnetic card is made of paper coated plastic or by plastic with high strength and high-temperature resistance. It is easy to carry and stable to use. Magnetic cards are convenient to use, cheap to build, and widely used. They can make bank cards, credit cards, metro cards, etc.

  1. Embossed card

A great effect to grab the attention is embossing your business plastic card. Embossed cards are widely used in our daily life, such as business promotion, shopping malls, etc.

  1. QR code card

Plastic QR code is one of the most popular used plastic cards. You will find these features in your credit card, business card, etc. QR code cards can make your business card look more stylish and special, which can reflect positivity on you and your business. There are two types of printing, but the most popular is the thermal printed.

  1. Barcode card

There are many types of barcode cards, and the most common is the universal product code that you see on items purchased in stores. By your barcode reader, you can scan the barcode, then it will put forward the information stored on the POS system.


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