Time Tracker for ZK Devices

Contact of precision…

That’s all it takes to record time &attendance with ZK Software biometric readers. Offering precision and affordability, our readers y set the standard with regard to fast, dependable performance.

ZK’s biometric readers use the quickest fingerprint-matching algorithm in the market, giving unequalled precision as well as speed at half the price of competing suppliers. Users may punch in or away quickly with only one contact of a hand or admittance of a pass word. And software designers can add their very own “touch” of high quality by utilizing ZK’s Software Improvement Ki fort customized readers to satisfy specific client requirements.

ZK’s high-speed finger print identification/fingerprint-matching technology ensures efficiency as well as accuracy.

Get in touch with AVI Infosys these days for a demo on how your software designing ability and our top-quality biometric readers can combine to produce an affordable, feature-rich time &attendance terminal that’s perfect for your clients. After you try out our ZK gadget, we think you’ll concur that a contact of precision is what retains ZK Software the leader!