Time Tracker for iGuard Devices

Time Monitoring Software which operates by itself…

iGuard is really a Biometrics (fingerprint id) and Contact less smart Card Entry / Control/ Time &Attendance system created for businesses as well as Government. The little and elegant product packaging of iGuard technologies, coupled with it’s unmatched functional reliability as well as affordable price, has made iGuard systems one of the most sought-after biometric options for id and credential of personnel through both companies and Federal government alike. Very first introduced in 1999, iGuard’s quick global approval has been truly phenomenal.

Rather than using traditional eye fingerprint scanning device, it utilizes the most sophisticated capacitive fingerprint sensing unit for finger print acquisition, therefore achieving the greatest fingerprint id results in the market. And unlike additional security methods, iGuard includes a good embedded Web Host to easily simplify system management. Using typical Internet browser technologies, computers within the corporate pc network (for example PCs, Apple computers &UNIX machines) may be used to access, set up and maintain staff credential information over the iGuard network.