Time Tracker for AVI Technology Systems

Work Management Software & Payroll processing

With Our exceptional and reliable Administration Software application, it is really effortless to customize applications, so they can suit perfectly into your company’s reporting requirements.

User Administration

Make several users for each company/branch/department/shift User Entry Rights Settings for Information Safety as well as Software Entry Control Development of Admin. Person and Regular users within Software.

Organization / Department / Division Management

Handle data associated with multiple businesses, branches as well as departments Function to add company logo and Name to be present in all statement formats Totally free Consultation

Shift Management

Produce multiple changes per department every day
Manage late appearance and extra time calculations
Handle Lunch as well as Tea breaks or cracks timings.
System may manage each day and night changes in Twenty four hours rotation.
Supply of Directly / Divided Shifts

Vacations and Leave Administration

Manage the info of all permitted HOLIDAYS each year. Manage leave Applications, their approval or rejection standing Assign permitted leaves and unpaid leaves will be subtracted from income

Employee Administration

Manage just about all details of every employee for each department together with Photo add feature
Allocate Shifts that created to workers and Divisions
Manage Worker Transfer Or Resignation
Search Engine for those data associated with Employees

Payroll Settings

Manage Considerations and Breaks
Bank Set up for Each Employee/Company/Department
Worker Salary period
Maintain needed details of contract Year
Creates TAX Types. (Completely easy to customize if Relevant)
Generates Paperwork handling &Expiration (Passport, Visa, Heath, Insurance coverage Cards and so on)
Automatic Gratuity as well as PF calculations depending on different nation Labor regulations

Contractor Administration

Manage Information of Companies and information on contract authorized.
Manages depend of quantity of workers arriving daily upon work.

Device Configuration

Energetic Monitoring — watch information on employee getting into / leaving office on your display
Manage several machines in a single Payroll Time Attendance Software

Guide Entry associated with Attendance

Guide Entry associated with Attendance
Manage worker tour particulars.
Master Reviews
Company Or Branch Or Department
Change Master Statement
Holiday and leave Report

Every day Analytical Reviews

Daily Work Report
Late Appearance Report
Early Departure Statement
Overtime Statement
Daily leave Report

Month-to-month Analytical Reviews

Monthly Work Summary
Worker Summary Statement
Individual Worker Monthly Work Report
Person Department Month-to-month Attendance Statement
Detail Existing Report along with total extra time calculations

Payroll Reviews

Salary Bundle Report
Long term Employee Month-to-month Salary Statement
Monthly Income Report of employees upon Contract
Reward Details Statement
Bonus Overview Report
history of Lateness as well as Absentees MEMO.
Generation of Salary Slide in recommended format.
Extra time Report
Due Summary
Repayment of Income and Taxes Statement in the event that’s applicable
Considerations and Breaks Master
Yearly Leave Fees Per Worker
Annual Atmosphere Ticket management per Worker
Online Notifications and reviews on Screen/Email on important Documents &Expiry( Passport, Credit, Heath, Car Enrolment, Insurance Credit cards Etc.