Case studies :- Monaluxe Chain of Supermarkets

Case Studies
Location :United Arab Emirates
Project Launch Date:20/3/2011
No. of Terminals:10
No. of Member cards:3000


Monaluxe Chain of Supermarket in Congo has selected iBonus System for providing Bonus Points to all members visiting the supermarket for day to day shopping . iBonus System matched the pace of fast deployment as required by them, and was ready to use in 1 week time Duration.


For all customers in supermarket , speed and downtime could be major factors which determines winning or losing. They may need to settle and update Bonus Points to all prestigious customers during final Bill settlement. iBonus Loyalty and Prepaid System, as an off-the-shelf system, have successfully been deployed in their site with 10 Terminals and 3000 cards in record 5 Days time. iBonus System managed to survive in the rugged environment and is providing required speed to finish the transactions in record time. AVI INFOSYS also installed web based reporting tools to provide access to all internal departments and to all customers also.

iBonus Terminals were used as Bonus System for Loyalty applications. iBonus Terminals were automatically adding Bonus Points during each purchasing. This way Business Owner and Customers enjoys win-win situations. iBonus generic version has 95% of what this project is needed. Based on the core of journal database, card replacement, repair and renew and all other rugged software design,. Technical Consultant team in AVI INFOSYS LLC managed to design and deploy the specification based on policies of Client. Many customers of iBonus System find that the generic version can suit their need. Based on its robust data handling algorithm, even customization is needed, this can be done very quickly while maintaining its beauty, thereby lowering the cost of customization.