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Case Studies
Location :United Arab Emirates
Project Launch Date:04/08/2010
No. of Terminals:2
No. of Member cards:500


Mona Beauty Centre is a premium Salon only for Ladies. It is offering Beauty treatments for today’s sophisticated woman in a relaxed spa atmosphere. It offers a wide range of professional treatments from head to toe in a modern, relaxed and friendly atmosphere for women in every age group. Their services include make up, Retylane, Laser treatments, Sclerotherapy, hair cut, hair color, hair highlight, hair blow dry, hair treatment, VIP room, groom program, hair style, skin products, Thai body massage, oil body massage, half body massage, head massage, foot massage, body slimming, facial, face lift, skin care services, waxing, body tattooing, manicure, pedicure, SPA, shaving, threading etc.


AVI Infosys LLC has helped them develop a prepaid system where the customers need to pay in advance to Mona Beauty Centre and get instant discounts there like if the customers pay AED 500, they get AED 800 in their account which they can use to avail their services anytime they wish to. This makes the solution a win-win for the customers and the Salon management. The customers will get instant discounts if they use this prepaid smartcard and the Salon management will get money in advance from the customers. Many customers of iBonus System find that the generic version can suit their need. Based on its robust data handling algorithm, even customization is needed, this can be done very quickly while maintaining its beauty, thereby lowering the cost of customization.