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MDaemon Email Server Version 9.6 from AVI Infosys

Email Server Software from AVI Infosys

Over the years, the technical troops at AVI Infosys have reviewed and evaluated more than a dozen possible e-mail server software applications from companies around the world. This exercise was conducted mainly for our existing customers who were so satisfied and reassured by our security and surveillance services that they decided to take their trust in us to the next level. The jury is no longer out on the issue and MDaemon is the clear winner. AVI Infosys has performed several successful installations of MDaemon and is now standing by to address all your enterprise-wide e-mail messaging needs. We will not only install, configure, customize and test MDaemon on a server which will serve everyone in your company with e-mail messaging solutions but will also maintain the application for you.

Introducing MDaemon 9.6

With more than sixty new and innovative features, the latest release of MDaemon 9.6 Email Server for Windows includes the latest administration and security capabilities while it delivers the most outstanding performance for your enterprise. Some of the new features and upgrades designed to provide your company with the most cost-effective and secure messaging include:

Message Certification (Pro Version)

MDaemon is the first email server to use the “Vouch By Reference” method. This enables certification providers to vouch for the messages sent by others, thus minimizing the bandwidth required by spam filters.

BackScatter Protection (Pro Version)

BackScatter Protection literally eliminates any possibility of receiving a non-delivery reply from a message you did not send. This saves you time and disk space not to mention valuable bandwidth if allowed to accumulate on your server.

Latest DKIM

DKIM incorporates the recently approved IETF communication standard (RFC 4871) email authentication method as a default feature.

Account Grouping

This feature allows an account to be identified as a member of one or more groups.


Subaddressing routes messages automatically to a specified folder. This eliminates the need to set up e-mail filtering rules.

Minger Protocol (Pro Version)

The protocol is a simple and efficient mechanism for verifying the existence of an email account.

Cache, Queuing, and IP Connection Adjustments

This allows system administrators in your company to enhance email delivery performance based on their unique traffic patterns which the MDaemon application detects after intuitive analysis.

Overview of the MDaemon 9.6 e-mail Server Software Application

The MDaemon 9.6 Email Server for Windows is a comprehensive messaging and collaboration solution which is designed to provide secure and standards-compliant features to both small and medium-sized enterprises regardless of their geographical footprint. It supports:

  • Multiple domain support
  • Spam-blocking
  • Mailing list support
  • Remote access and administration
  • Content filtering

As a highly reliable as well as scaleable enterprise-wide server-based solution known for its proven track record which spans over a decade, the MDaemon Email Server for Windows delivers unparalleled performance from its feature-rich and user-friendly design. It supports IMAP, SMTP and POP3 protocols in a highly secure and reliable environment in which privacy is rarely compromised.

Encrypted security capabilities are at the heart of MDaemon 9.6 with anti-spam functionality, content filtering, blacklists and whitelists, and reverse DNS lookups. When combined with SecurityPlus for MDaemon, MDaemon provides an even higher level of protection and truly proactive antivirus and spam protection to all the employees in your organization.

Email Server Maintenance

Maintenance and administration features for MDaemon 9.6 are easy and user-friendly with LDAP functionality for contact management, list server support, attachment blocking by file type, email address aliases, intuitive user interfaces, and server-based client email handling rules.

Email Authentication and Email Certification

Until recent count, there were more than 70,000 email servers around the world on which MDaemon performs flawlessly. MDaemon works at many levels. Many of them aren’t even evident to the end-user and are configured with precision by the technical support teams at AVI Infosys. MDaemon validates messages using current authentication protocol techniques: DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), Sender ID, and Sender Policy Framework (SPF). The ability to place these technologies into production with version deployments of the MDaemon email server has enabled the MDaemon R&D teams to help develop, test, validate, and recommend improvements at the earliest possible stage of development.

A Breeze to Implement

MDaemon 9.6 provides unprecedented network flexibility while its ease of installation will have you up and running once the AVI Infosys technical support team has assessed your needs carefully and flow-charted a customization schedule for your organization. The WebAdmin feature in MDaemon 9.6 allows your system administrators to securely manage MDaemon, RelayFax, and WorldClient from anywhere in the world since all of the above are browser-enabled for unlimited global access. This handy remote administration modality is now included in the latest release of MDaemon and also available for owners of previous MDaemon versions via free download. Backups and restorations are also seamless and intuitive.

Never-before Iron-clad Security

MDaemon 9.6 now provides inline and real-time antivirus scanning which helps detect and quash viruses with the least amount of time and effort. It includes a potent spam blocker, spam filter and intelligent grey list processing. MDaemon also features SpamAssassin 3, which uses a wide variety of local and network test models to identify spam signatures to make it even more challenging for spammers to infiltrate the network. MDaemon, in conjunction with SecurityPlus, provides the latest antivirus and spam protection available on e-mail servers today.

Enhanced Mobility and Connectivity

Do your employees check their enterprise e-mail messages on their mobile handsets? This has become the rule and is no longer the exception even at AVI Infosys. On the road, at home, or in the office, MDaemon 9.6 supports over-the-horizon technology that will keep you connected to your employees, vendors, and most importantly, your customers with exceptional support for mobile handset and smartphone users.

100% Microsoft Outlook Compatible

Is Outlook the default e-mail client in your company? Outlook Connector for MDaemon unlocks the collaborative functions of Microsoft Outlook using MDaemon as the mail server and groupware platform. Your colleagues can not only maintain but also share their calendars, task lists, contacts, notes and journal folders without the need to deploy an expensive solution such as the Microsoft Exchange Server.

Full-Featured Email Client

MDaemon 9.6 includes a feature-rich web-enabled e-mail client which will make it possible for your employees to access and manage email, address books, and calendars remotely on the Internet regardless of their geographical location. Other features include:

  • e-mail account creation
  • Spell check
  • Shared calendars
  • Event scheduling
  • Multiple language support
  • Customizable themes

Upgrade Guarantee

When you purchase the MDaemon Email Server for Windows from AVI Infosys, you receive unconditional upgrade protection. The protection entitles your organization to receive no-cost upgrades to the latest product version for the duration of your licensing contract. MDaemon provides the scalability and the flexibility to address all your corporate needs. It is a cost-effective messaging and collaboration solution which is not only used by AVI Infosys but also by enterprises all over the world. For more information or to receive a free live demo, please give us a call or write to us using the handy contact form on the Contact Us page. A qualified technical team well-versed with the application will call on you and show you how MDaemon 9.6 can meet all your e-mail messaging needs affordably and consistently.