Loyalty Reward Solution for Habtoor Hospitality Group

Habtoor Hotels Loyalty Reward SolutionHabtoor Hotels Loyalty Reward Solution

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Habtoor Hospitality Group is a major Loyalty Reward Solution project. It is a very prestigious AVI Infosys; AVI provided development for all Hotels and 48 F&B outlets in UAE. They are using the Loyalty Reward program, comprising remarks on a fast expansion plan for its hotels in the current year.

Loyalty program created a hassle-free system that can efficiently operate, and it provides service of web hosting server in UAE head office with the distribution of iOS and Android QR Code based smart virtual loyalty card solution. The Habtoor Hotels was taking good respect during its domestic operation; they competed with international with many global chains active entire the region.

The Loyalty Rewards Solution program for this Habtoor Hotels service is the most fantastic benefit for customers. They will no extra fees collect from you.

Business Requirements:

  • It developed a loyalty reward program that is certainly an essential job for your brand to engage in this program.
  • The system showed an appreciation for their business by providing rewards that can increase its current status.
  • They provided loyalty rewards to increase guests at their hotels.
  • Hotel loyalty reward solutions have various shapes, and every single guest is treated in different ways.

Benefits of Loyalty Rewards Solution:

  • HabtoorHotel’s loyalty program is for a hotel room and discounts your bills for spending.
  • Got a Loyalty Reward to promote your customer’s loyalty due to its online loyalty program by earned points.
  • Habtoor Hotel offered a Gold membership that offers free once you qualify for AED’s threshold.
  • Loyalty rewards of silver members who earned 10 points for each spend of 100 dirhams.

Solution offered:

  • This service provided a loyalty reward solution as a gift to their customer and guests by participating in restaurants and Bars.
  • Al Habtoor Loyalty Reward Solution is beneficial for its guest for its three tiers Platinum, Gold, and Silver rewards by spending dirhams.
  • Habtoor offers affordable rates to its customers, overall appointer rooms looking as five stars experience and home-like comfortable.