Cashless system project for Al Hilal Bank UAE

Cashless system project for Al Hilal Bank UAE

The client is an Islamic Bank established in 2007 and founded in 2008 in Abu Dhabi. The client has 14 branches in UAE and 3 branches in Kazakhstan. The client is a progressive Islamic bank and the first Islamic Bank in Kazakhstan.

Business Requirement

The client needs closed-loop card services for its customers, to make sure contactless payment amidst the coronavirus to ensure the safety of its users. The client wants its users to keep money in the card once and then use it for later expenses rather than keeping cash with them throughout.

Solution Offered

Our card is made by a specialized team that has taken into account all the technological advances that have been made. The card stores the information of the account holder and the holder can use the card for online shopping or withdraw money from the bank or use the card wherever card payment is accepted.

The card we make is safe and secure and the information cannot be leaked to anyone except the account holder. The card is the best solution for contactless payments seeing the virus, as it would reduce the need of carrying cash with you all the time.

Seeing Islamic Banking into perspective the credit card system would not be established and only the debit card system will be implemented which means the account holder will only be able to use the money already in his account.


  • Avoids the use of paper cash.
  • Online transactions can be done easily.
  • No worry to keep cash with you always.
  • Portable and small size card.
  • Secure and Fast.
  • Easy to manage.