Cashless School Payment System of Al Yasat School

Cashless Payment System of Al Yasat SchoolCashless Payment System of Al Yasat School

The cashless payment system of Al Yasat School is the best service for purchasing foods from School’s Canteen in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Al Yasat School has a partnership with a Catering Service named Baguette Catering Services Company. According to the climate variation in Abu Dhabi, Baguette designed balanced nutrient Restaurants to provide catering services and motivate their students to drink more water in the daytime.

Al Yasat School’s developed Cashless prepaid payment card system and his rules are very stricks every staff has to follow it, especially for School buses for protecting their school student from any harm. For ease of safety measures, School recommended Cashless purchasing in the Campus area only.

Business Requirement:

  • It is nowadays the business requirement to have a cashless payment system generating revenue. The cashless payment system of Al Yasat School provides the facility of Cashless smartcard to their Students, Staff, and Parents, with mobile app and websites interfacing keys.
  • This Cashless payment system smartcard is used for School inside the area.
  • In case of emergency, Al Yasat School conducted a Moch drill for students’ critical assembly point.
  • Al Yasat School is responsible for providing a safe environment every day.

Solution Offered:

  1. Paperwork has been stopped for sending a notice to fee defaulters.
  2. The student is feeling safe from the theft of money.
  3. Social Distancing can be done during COVID-19 Prevention times.
  4. Parents receive notification of Cashless payment smartcards when used for purchasing any items by their Children.
  5. There is no need for students to carry physical banknotes to school.
  6. Students can purchase from School’s made Cashless payment smartcard in School stationery Shop and Canteen.
  7. A cashless payment system cab is for paying the fine of the School library.
  8. As per Requirement of Student, Parents have to credit the amount in cashless payment system smartcards.
  9. It is easy for parents to pay School and School bus Fees in a cashless payment system.
  10. Cashless Payment System reduces the effort of management for chasing to collect fees and their precious time.

Benefits of Cashless Payment System:

  • A cashless payment system reduces the time required to collect School’s fees and for day-to-day canteen transactions.
  • With the help of the cashless payment system, School’s finance has been Improved as all parents need to top-up monies in smartcards in advance.
  • Parents feel easy to pay a small number of uniforms, medals, and educational trips.
  • It is the best procedure to collect regular payments and make invoices online through smart phones and computers
  • Students and parents can easily view the last available balances and also a history of cashless payment transactions.