Canteen Meal Management Solutions for Velocity Go Beyond Sports

Many organizations provide its employees with canteen facilities, but proper management of each food is a daunting task. Our Canteen Master provides an easy-to-use system that enables the fast and efficient operation to cover a large group of employees or students of an organization. The software also provides a paperless and cost-effective trading solution and has network-based solutions for using multiple calculators simultaneously in a closed space.

Business Requirement:

  • Adopting a system that helps to Easy to integrate with the company’s existing RFID ID Card System (Proximity, Smart card).
  • A system that prevents an agent from piercing the print of a simple report with the entire process combination.
  • Adopting a system that can combine the turnstile and biometric data.
  • Automatic system for recording of entire works and reports of employees.
  • A proper procedure for the financing of billing of staff and worker in the canteen.


  • A voluntary receipt for a military container or a water treatment plant can be printed non-refundable
  • Network-based / Intranet-based solutions for handling multiple counters in a closed space
  • Audit trail of consumption of food in the company canteen.
  • Menu printing, coupon printing
  • Daily / weekly/monthly analysis of food intake (summary and details)
  • Analysis of female nutrition and reconciliation
  • Multiple food testing and alternative analysis


  • Network-based / Intranet-based solutions for handling multiple counters in a closed space Card scanning Maintains employee database.
  • Smart shift and smart contractor/ subcontractor to determine food price estimates the guest booking center.
  • Guest booking is a daily menu with feed, and options can be added by requesting special items.
  • Nobody can get extra food at a specific time and schedule.
  • Easy process for paying dues of food on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Auto record of all dues of employees who have availed food services.