A contactless time attendance – a necessary precautionary measure a company should implement

contactless time attendance system

Since many employees are working from home in pandemic time, some countries do not impose lockdown; therefore, some employees have to go to their workplace with precautionary measures. A contactless time attendance system is a necessary precautionary measure a company should implement. Here we will discuss how we can protect employees from getting infected by the contactless time attendance system.

Work from Home:

A large number of people are working from home in the pandemic time. Therefore, it is tough for businesses to track and manage which employee is working at what time. Time attendance software enables managers to gain an accurate and real-time view of their team’s attendance. Time attendance software offers the standard flexible working patterns. Contactless time attendance enables staff to clock in and out by click on a smartphone or desktop. In this way, both employers and employees will have high transparency and accuracy around attendance. Paper timesheets would be impossible, but time attendance software has made it so more comfortable and protected.


COVID pandemic has affected a massive change in the economy. Therefore, companies offer a flexible set of rules and regulations for their employees for increasing the workforce. But at the same time, it requires businesses to make sure that their employees are productive or not. The perfect time attendance software makes the employer’s work easy by showing them digitally when employees clock in and out. Moreover, Time attendance software provides visibility into the time frame of employees’ time frame on each task. It helps managers gain a clearer picture of their employees’ performance in their work from home because they are not physically available at home.


Nobody knows when the pandemic gets over; even the second wave of COVID-19 also expected. Whatever happens, but they should have a resilience that the workplace will never be the same ever. Businesses that facilitate technology’s power and use Time attendance software will ensure that they have the right processes. It provides data and visibility to the pandemic situation to come out the other side more vital than ever.

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