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I got my Loyalty System set up and Installed from AVI Infosys and working in less than 24 hours which is an incredible feat. I am very pleased with their professionalism and the performance of their products. It is a pleasure to work with such dedicated professionals.

Management, Joy Alukkas Group, Dubai, UAE

"Our company operates in large work areas in which all our production takes place. I chanced upon the AVI Infosys website and found the most technologically advanced camera there is with the specifications that I was searching. I ordered the AVI-VIS-4080 immediately. The product has delivered more than my expectations."

Khaleed Ahmed, Friends Net Cafee, Egypt

"I have installed the AVI-VIS-2342 dome camera all across the malls, to ensure a safe and secure environment for my shoppers. Till date I have not received a single complaint for slack of security. I trust only AVI Infosys for security solutions.."

MR. Abdul Kader, Alfa Steel

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Why Virtual RFID?

Why Virtual RFID?

Real Time Social Group Mass Networking Connection
Our VirtualRFID LIKE BOX works as a virtual "Like" marker for user's Facebook profile.

The Social Group Mass Networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, arrived with a bang, and are here to stay for long. Although we may see some innovations and advancements in these sites in the coming years, but they'll only be an added charm for the subscribers, leading to an expanded user base for these sites.

If you go by sheer numbers, billions of tweets and content were shared on Twitter and Facebook respectively in 2010.

Now, as a growing business or an advertising agency, can you afford to lose sight of these numbers? Undoubtedly, NO!!

Can you wait for the users to switch-on their laptops or log-in to their mobile phones, connect to the site, sign-in, and then share their experiences about your products / services, while the initial enthusiasm level has already died down? Definitely, No!!

Virtual RFID ensures that your big ticket events, like expos, seminars, fairs, and fests are given wide social Group Mass Networking coverage in real time through Virtual RFID enabled Wristbands, VIP passes, Phone Skins, Key Fobs, etc.

Here's a sneak-peek into the numerous social Group Mass Networking possibilities that Virtual RFID brings on board:

  • Without using a laptop or cell phone, instant log-in, posting pictures and videos on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn
  • Real time Facebook registration (under 15 seconds) with RFID enabled Key Fobs, Wristbands, Phone Skins, and VIP Passes
  • Full-bodied analytics on the visitors and RFID based Social Connect behavior at events and experiences
  • Vivid and detailed psychographic data shared on social Group Mass Networking sites
  • Gives maximum impact to your campaign when updates are shared at the height of enthusiast's satisfaction levels
  • Enhances Facebook's EdgeRank algorithm in a way that no other technique can match
Virtual RFID leverages RFID based Social Connect experiences for your business with products unparalleled in quality and unbeatable in usability!

What People Say

Javior Olivan
Head of International Growth Facebook Inc,

VirtualRFID powers the online RFID based Social Connect campaign of businesses with real-time integration and interaction of the real world events,businesses with real-time integration and interaction of the real world events,

Virtual RFID Works for

  • Small Businesses
  • Large Brands
  • Agencies & Marketers
  • Non profits
  • Bloggers