AVI INFOSYS, Dubai, unveil its latest Mobile Loyalty and Prepaid Payment Solutions using Android App and NFC Support

AVI INFOSYS LLC, who thrives to develop revolutionary solutions, endeavors to merge technology and business solutions in an order to provide powerful value propositions.  

With the great elan, AVI Infosys is launching Android App with NFC (Near Field Communications) support to provide mobile Loyalty and Prepaid payment solutions to help retail businesses to keep their customers loyal and connected.

With the growing number of websites launches, the numbers of mobile commerce applications or apps are also growing. The wide array of financial apps has created value to the mobile phone owner, doesn’t matter he is a business owner or a consumer. Smart phones have provided a new level of freedom and convenience while businesses use Smartphone’s to run their business, consumers utilize it for a number of financial functions such as mobile banking, making payments.

NFC, a contactless advanced tech that could already be in your Smartphone, and could soon be a regular feature of your commute. At its core, all NFC is doing is identifying us, and our bank account, to a computer. The technology is simple. It’s a short-range, low power wireless link evolved from radio-frequency identification (RFID) tech that can transfer small amounts of data between two devices held a few centimeters from each other. A source said.

As per the Pareto Principle, “80% of our sales come from 20% of our customers. This implies to keep customers loyal to our stores, so that they keep coming back to our store only.”

The above rule fits in today’s scenario where it is getting tough and tough for businesses to distinct them from rivals in the highly challenging and competing environment,  retaining the existing customers by satisfying them so that they keep coming back to you again and again is the only solution. Thankfully Customer Loyalty Programs are made for this only. It saved your money and time from undertaking expensive marketing campaigns to generate new business. So outperform your business in this highly competitive economy is the AVI Infosys’s only mission.


AVI Infosys Unveils its New Online Store for all IT Dealers and Distributors

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AVI-Infosys announced with great elan that its highly anticipated Online store for security equipment has been launched over at www.avi-store.com. Now the company can provide security equipment to its clients wherever and whenever  they required, thus enabling them outperform the competition  with the trusted AVI-Infosys hi-end security products. AVI Infosys has international priority service .

At the launch of AVI Online Store, MD of AVI, Mr. Arvind Mehta said, “AVI Store is one stop shop for all IT Dealers and Distributors to order all Security products in Wholesale price with Express traceable FedEx International Priority service”.

All the rates of products are reasonable and fair since  it’s all coming online from FedEx online. Moreover, AVI offering much discounted rates then prevailing  price in the market. It’s  one off shop for all the dealers to buy and also enabled them to save money on shipments etc.

It is offering  highly advanced security equipment at wholesale price.  Dealers  must avail the  discounts on ready stocks.  Even all shipments are  traceable and notifiable via Email alerts regarding the shipment.

AVI-Infosys is an eminent Dubai based security equipment company. Empowering its clients all across the Middle East, a global leader in business consulting and in providing highly advanced security solutions.  Now opened up a new window for its clients, offering the best security products in best price like never before. Thus, enabling its clients to stay ahead of the innovation curve with the advance technology.

AVI-Infosys.com signs distributorship with AVTECH Corporation for CCTV systems

AVI-Infosys signs distributorship with the top CCTV Manufacturer AVTECH Corporation, Taiwan based company offering highly advanced CCTV Systems.

AVI-Infosys, world’s leading Security Equipment Company who thrives to provide its customers latest and bests in the Security domain with innovative technology all across the Middle East. Lately, AVI Infosys signs distributorship with AVTECH to provide highly innovative CCTV surveillance systems of all range across the UAE.

Loyalty Programme | Easy Travel with New Technologies

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Biometric News

In 1/5/2009 AVI INFOSYS LLC launched Biometric Face Identification for Time Attendance,  Access Control and Visitor Management System in Middle East region.  Biometric products designed exclusively to enhance security and improve performance.

1/5/2009 – launched e-Rewards Membership

AVI INFOSYS LLC launched e-Rewards Membership Web based software for Loyalty rewards and Prepaid solutions in Middle East region.